Welcome to the Gulf SQAS

Who can go for Gulf SQAS assessment?
Any company which is engaged or planning to engage in chemical transportation, warehousing or tank cleaning activities in gulf region can get themselves assessed for Gulf SQAS standard.

Why it is Important?
The assessed companies will be listed on the official website of Gulf SQAS for client’s reference. It helps customers select new logistics service providers and offers a tool for evaluating continuous improvement. Gulf SQAS is therefore a key element of Responsible Care applied to logistics operations and plays an important role in vendor selection for chemical transportation and storage.

Get your Gulf SQAS assessment done with Kayzed
We are a global management consultancy firm based in Dubai established in 2008, equipped with fully qualified consultants from management, quality, excellence, health and safety, automation, RPA, innovation, marketing, Engineering, IT and Franchising streams and over 1500 clients in the gulf region

We support the development of your Gulf SQAS Management System up to a self-sufficient maintenance by the executives of your organization by creating documents and assist in implementation of the system

We provide consultancy service for Gulf SQAS standard including gap assessment, documentation, implementation, training and external audit support for logistics and chemical handling companies across the Gulf Region.


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