ISO 41001:2018 – Facility management


Increasingly complex, the global facility management (FM) market will be worth USD 1 trillion by 2025 – and that’s just that which is outsourced. Concerned with the management, operation and maintenance of an organization’s facilities, FM is a discipline that needs to balance the rapidly changing needs and demands of the various stakeholders that it serves with effective, safe and sustainable business needs. It affects the health and well-being of all those who come in contact with an organization and covers a wide range of areas including occupancy costs (the second-highest overhead in almost every organization), use of space, maintenance, security, cleanliness, the environment and more…

What is ISO 41001 – Facility management?

ISO 41001:2018 specifies the requirements for a facility management (FM) system when an organization:

  1. needs to demonstrate effective and efficient delivery of FM that supports the objectives of the demand organization;
  2. aims to consistently meet the needs of interested parties and applicable requirements;
  3. aims to be sustainable in a globally-competitive environment.

The requirements specified in ISO 41001:2018 are non-sector specific and intended to be applicable to all organizations, or parts thereof, whether public or private sector, and regardless of the type, size and nature of the organization or geographical location.

Goal: “…for an organization to be able to demonstrate that it has a robust process through which to design, manage and improve its integrated Facility Management system…”

Benefits of Facility management:

The benefits of FM include:

  1. improved workforce productivity, safety and health and well-being;
  2. improved communication of requirements and methodologies among and between public and private sector organizations;
  3. improved efficiency and effectiveness, thus improving cost benefits to organizations;
  4. improved service consistency;
  5. providing a common platform for all types of organizations.

This document is applicable to any organization that wishes to:

  1. establish, implement, maintain and improve an integrated FM system;
  2. assure itself of conformity with its stated management policy;
  3. demonstrate conformity with this document by:
  • Self-determination and Self-declaration;
  • Seeking confirmation of its conformity/ self-declaration by parties having an interest / party external in the organization;
  • Seeking certification/ registration of its FM system by an accredited third-party certification body.


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