ISO 10001 :2007 Customer Satisfaction Management System

ISO 10001:2007 provides guidance for planning, designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving customer satisfaction codes of conduct. ISO 10001:2007 is applicable to product-related codes containing promises made to customers by an organization concerning its behavior. Such promises and related provisions are aimed at enhanced customer satisfaction.

ISO 10001:2007 is intended for use by organizations regardless of type, size and product provided, including organizations that design customer satisfaction codes of conduct for use by other organizations. Annex C gives guidance specifically for small businesses.

Benefits of ISO 10001:2007

  • Guidelines to Code of conduct for organizations
  • Enhance fair trade practices and customer confidence in an organization
  • Improve customer understanding
  • Potentially decrease the need for new regulations governing an organization’s conduct towards its customers

ISO 10002 – Complaints Management System

The Complaints Management standard helps organizations of all types to identify, manage and understand how successfully they deal with their customer's complaints. Some examples of complaints are:

Poor quality of service inadequate handling of complaints Poor communication both before and during the complaint handling process

Benefits of ISO 10002:2004 - Complaints Management System

  • Customer Confidence
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Better Relationship
  • Continual improvement
  • Transparent System

Why you should Implement ISO 10001 / 10002

Customer dissatisfaction can damage a business. So, smart management will find ways to differentiate themselves from competitors, define customer service standards, and deliver an effective complaint handing system for their customers. Complaint management is challenging, as there is not always a concrete solution to the problem. Success depends on how well you understand the complaint, how it is handled and if the customer is happy with the solution offered.

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